Friday, July 3, 2015

Brain Teaser for 7/4/2015

1. Hanger is to closet as tree is to:
Branch - Bushes - Forest - Ground - Nest

2. You can spin, wheel and twist, but this thing can turn without moving. What is it?
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Trivia for 7/4/2015

The first 'Superbowl' game was in 1967. Do you know who won?

1. New York Jets
2. Kansas City Chiefs
3. Green Bay Packers
4. Dallas Cowboys

Fly A Flag

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Brain Teaser for 7/2/2015

1. Brad Doe works for a packaging company. One day, he received four separate orders and accidentally mixed up the addresses, so he applied the address labels at random. What is the probability that exactly three packages were correctly labeled?

2. Imagine a square, with each side 4 cm long, inscribed in a circle. What is the radius of the circle?

3. Without looking at a calendar, within a minute name a boys name using 5 consecutive 1st letters of 5 consecutive months.
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Trivia for 7/2/2015

In "The Breakfast Club" (1985), what did Claire, played by Molly Ringwald, do to get a Saturday detention?

1. Smoked pot.
2. Mouthed off to a teacher.
3. Skipped class to go shopping.
4. Refused to change her clothes for gym class.

Advanced Scrabble Techniques

The first advanced skill appearing on every expert's list is rack management. A play is good if it considers first, the points earned, and second, the leave. To play competitively, one must keep a balanced rack. While there is an element of luck in any draw, a player of skill knows when to sacrifice a higher point value for a better leave. In general, one should try to play longer words, in order to keep tile turn-over high, increasing the chance of getting the best letter combinations for bingos. Consonants and vowels should be kept in balance in order to avoid difficult scenarios. Tile tracking is one way players may decide between two good plays. If you know there are still several Os in play, you may opt to keep that I instead. And even after following the guidelines for the best rack management, an expert knows when to trade in....Read On

Today's Puzzle "Blob Wars"

A turn based strategy puzzle game of blobs fighting for territory. Much like Othello.
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Today's Featured Online Game - "Tomato Bounce"

Help the tomatoes escape the dreaded salad! Use the blue spatula to bounce the tomatoes safely over to the table. Don't catch the can of tomato paste, though. That will lose you points!
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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Brain Teaser for 7/1/2015

A fireman is running to get a net under a lady who looks like she might jump off the balcony of her 20 story apartment building. There is nothing below her except a 20 story fall. The fireman is still 100 yards away when she falls and can't nearly get there in time. The woman is not hurt more than a bruise. How is that possible?
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Trivia for 7/1/2015

An unusual 70's fad was a pet that wasn't really a pet. Gary Dahl made a fortune out of selling what common objects as pets?

1. Clay animals
2. Cacti
3. Rocks
4. Wooden spoons

Today's Puzzle "Bad Apple Puzzle"

Try to find all the good apples without clicking on the bad apples. Clicking on a apple reveals either a number or a worm. A number indicates how many works are adjacent to that position. A worm ends the game. Use logic to determine which apples have worms in them.
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Today's Featured Online Game - "Big Red Button"

Do not press the big red button!
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The Game Of Life

Monday, June 29, 2015

Brain Teaser for 6/30/2015

1. I'm in a rock, not in a stone
I'm in marrow, not in bone
I'm in a bolster, not in a bed
I'm not living , I'm not dead

2. I have seven letters. The first two stand for a boy. The first three stand for a girl. The first four stand for a brave boy. But all of my letters stand for a brave girl. What word am I?
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Trivia for 6/30/2015

Who was the first man in space?

1. Gus Grissom
2. Alan Shepard
3. John Glenn
4. Yuri Gagarin

Today's Puzzle "Add Like Mad"

Add Like Mad is a educational game and learnig game featuring basic addition. The player is challenged to select the numbers that up to the target number. Add Like Mad is a great game for online educational fun.
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Today's Featured Online Game - "Warrior"

Can you sweep the mines away without detonating any of them? In this minesweeper game with hexagonal tiles, your goal is to reveal the tiles and find out the 10 mines underneath.
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An Introduction to Optical Illusions

Optical illusions are considered as malfunction of the visual system. This phenomenon is also viewed as bringing out particular good adaptations of visual system to particularly standard viewing situations. These adaptations are considered to be hard-wired in brain’s system. Consequently, inappropriate interpretations of visuals scene are causes. Teuber (1960) defined it as illusions of the senses tell us the truth about perception. Further, an optical illusion which is also called a visual illusion is characterized by visually perceived images. These images differ from objective reality. In optical illusions, the information gathered by the eye is processed in the brain to give a percept. This perception does not tally with a physical measurement of the....Read On

GamePoint Games

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Brain Teaser for 6/29/2015

Picture an empty wine bottle with a cork secured at the top in the usual way. Inside the bottle a metal ring hangs suspended by a string. How is it possible to make the metal ring drop to the bottom of the bottle without touching the ring, the thread, the cork, or the bottle while leaving the cork in place and intact?
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Trivia for 6/29/2015

Who was the general that invaded Italy and fought against Rome there for sixteen years in the Second Punic War?

1. Hamilcar
2. Hannibal
3. Elephantus
4. Maximus

Today's Puzzle "What's The Missing Number"

What number should appear in the last orange spot?


Ancient Secrets - Mystery of the Vanishing Bride

As the spiritual successor to the proud Tekkan people, Dr. Kate Miller has been entrusted with the whole of their legacy, everything from ancient artworks to jewels to mysterious artifacts, some benign, some fantastical. While cataloging these relics at her museum, Kate receives a surprise call from a former flame pleading for her help in finding a wayward assistant who is on a forbidden search of an island treasure. She agrees to the expedition, but will the promise of another culture's ancient secrets prove too tempting for Kate? Follow Kate on this grand adventure that leads her to an unexpected discovery. Search the island paradise for indispensable objects and learn the tragedy of the Vanished Bride from its keepers. Use tools to find your way through, solve challenging puzzles, and harness the power of Tekkan relics. With a captivating storyline, more than 15 engaging in-scene mini-games, and a startling twist at the end, this new journey is certain to entertain.

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Brain Teaser for 6/28/2015

These words belong to the same logical family:

Which of these words does too?
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Trivia for 6/28/2015

This breed of horse is the famous white mount of the Spanish Riding School of Vienna, Austria.

1. Paso Fino
2. Andalusian
3. Barb
4. Lippizaner

Today's Puzzle "Hangman"

Let's keep away from violence in our peaceful and harmless version of hangman! With the answers collected from the Dolch word list and the lovely graphics, your babies will definitely love it. The object of this game is to find out the hidden words by guessing one letter at a time.
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Today's Featured Online Game - "Zed"

Can you sweep the mines away without detonating any of them? In this minesweeper game with hexagonal tiles, your goal is to reveal the tiles and find out the 10 mines underneath.
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Friday, June 26, 2015

Brain Teaser for 6/27/2015

What number fits in all of these words/phrases?

Desert Storm
Singing in the Rain
Kindle Fire HDX 8.9....

Trivia for 6/27/2015

The first heart transplant was made in 1967. In which country?

1. South Africa
2. Germany
3. USA
4. UK

Today's Puzzle "Knight Switch"

Is the knight on the rim dim? Find out the answer as you attempt to swap the positions of the two groups of knights! At each level of the game you will be given a chessboard, with the two groups of knights facing each other. The pieces can move in the same ways as in a game of chess, that is, they can move two squares vertically and then one square horizontally, or two squares horizontally and then one square vertically. Click and drag a piece to a valid position which will be highlighted in red, then continue the process until the two groups of knights have exchanged their positions. Your current number of moves and the remaining time will be displayed on the left of the screen. If you cannot complete the level within the time limit, the game ends. As you advance in the game, the boards may appear in different sizes and shapes. Challenge your mind and endeavor to complete all 5 levels!
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Today's Featured Online Game - "Hex Mines"

Can you sweep the mines away without detonating any of them? In this minesweeper game with hexagonal tiles, your goal is to reveal the tiles and find out the 10 mines underneath.
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Brain Teaser for 6/26/2015

Can you make this sentence into a phrase by only adding punctuation?
You may not add, subtract, or rearrange the words.

that that is is that that is not is not is that it it is

Trivia for 6/26/2015

Roberta Flack's 1973 number one hit song "Killing Me Softly with His Song" was written about which singer?

1. Eric Clapton
2. Nat King Cole
3. Don McLean
4. Bob Dylan

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Brain Teaser for 6/25/2015

1. Double my number, I'm less than a score, half of my number is less than four. Add one to my double when bakers are near, days of the week are still greater, I fear. What am I?

2. Continue this pattern: 1, 2, 3, 5, ?, ?
The Daily Brain Teaser Blog

Trivia for 6/25/2015

Which degree of longitude is the prime meridian?

1. 0 degrees
2. 90 degrees
3. 45 degrees
4. 180 degrees

Today's Puzzle "Matchsticks"

The rules of Matchsticks seem very easy, but the puzzles can be much more complicated than you have thought! Your goal in this game is to take away a required number of matches so as to form the required quantity of squares.
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Today's Featured Online Game - "Lighting"

Can you press the shutter when you catch a glimpse of the lightning? As an enthusiast of photography, your goal is to take a beautiful photo of the lightning during a thunderstorm.
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Bingo Fun

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Trivia for 6/24/2015

The movie 'Born Free' was released in 1966. It is about a lion cub who was raised to adulthood and then set free. What was the name of this lioness?

1. Eliza
2. Elsie
3. Pride
4. Elsa
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Brain Teaser for 6/24/2015

What do the following words have in common?

Today's Puzzle "How Many Faces"

How many faces can you see in this picture. Look carefully for all faces.  There are a few more that you'd initially think.


Today's Featured Online Game - "Ghost Man"

When was the last time you meet the dear old friend Ghost Man? Help him once again to barrel through the traps and mazes, and conquer the enemies in Ghost Man Advanced! Your goal in this game is to control the Ghost Man so that he can travel through the mazes and consume all food along the way. A ghost will be hunting the Ghost Man, and therefore you need to complete the maze as soon as possible and avoid being trapped by the ghost.
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Monday, June 22, 2015

Brain Teaser for 6/23/2015

Try to find out a multi-digit number that if multiplied by the number 9 or any of its multiplications products (18, 27, 36, 45,..) will result in the multiplication factor repeated (n) number of times.
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Trivia for 6/23/2015

It might give you a headache to think about this, but from what tree was aspirin first derived?

1. Aspen
2. Daisy
3. Willow
4. Pine

Today's Puzzle "Musical Notes"

Rock stars, classical musicians, jazz lovers and enthusiasts of music, are you ready to take the test of music notes? Your task in this game is to play the notes that appear on the staves by using the keyboard. Not a easy puzzle game to master.
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Today's Featured Online Game - "Space Shoot"

Coveting the rich resources on your planet, an alien force has declared war and launched massive attacks against your homeland. As an officer of the defenders, your goal in the game is to control your spacecraft and destroy the enemies.
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The Big Book Of Brain Games

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Brain Teaser for 6/22/2015

Can you find 13 animals hidden in these words?

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NBC Heads-Up Poker

Play the desktop version of NBC's popular Texas Hold 'Em poker tournament where players compete head-to-head to win! Choose and customize your player as you compete against powerful and cunning opponents in the traditional 64 player bracket! You have full control over how you play. Will you be reckless and aggressive or will you play it tight and consider your every bet? It's all up to you! There are a million ways to win the tournament - but only the best can be a champion!

Trivia for 6/22/2015

Who was the king of Spain in 1588 when the English defeated the Spanish Armada?

1. Louis XIV
2. Ferdinand the Great
3. Philip II
4. Maximilian I

Today's Puzzle "Ends In W"


Zombie Farm and Zombie Games

When we talk about zombie games, Zombie farm would be the ever increasing popular this day. As time passes farming simulation game and that is created for a new target market. Instead of merely common planting and harvesting, zombie farm promotes gamers to grow zombies and raise a strong army of the un-dead in order to invade close by settlements. It turned out produced by Playforge for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch as well as the online game happens to be totally free for you to download; nonetheless there are actually....Read On

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Brain Teaser for 6/21/2015

1. If the date of the last Saturday of last month and the first Sunday of this month do not add up to 33, what month are we in?

2. Jason decided to give his bike 3 coats of paint. Which coat would go on the first?
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Trivia for 6/21/2015

In 1979, a US embassy was taken over by students, and 52 people were held hostage for 444 days. In what country did this take place?

1. Iraq
2. Angola
3. Kuwait
4. Iran

It's Monopoly Time

Friday, June 19, 2015

Brain Teaser for 6/20/2015

I can be any color you can imagine.
You see me in everyday life.
I have been around for many, many years, look around...
You can probably see some of me right now.
What am I?
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Trivia for 6/20/2015

Sir Issac Newton invented which device for his feline friends?

1. the swinging cat door
2. the scratching post
3. cat collars
4. the litterbox

Today's Puzzle "Puzzle"

Your favorite puzzle is accidentally scattered into pieces by your little sister, and you have to move the tiles around so as to reform the picture. When the game starts, you will be given 15 square tiles, each shows a certain part of the image.
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Today's Featured Online Game - "Tritris"

This is perhaps one of the most challenging versions of tetris you've ever played, as you have to control three falling blocks simultaneously! Same as the original tetris, your goal in this game is to move and rotate the descending blocks so that they can form a complete row and be destroyed.
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Brain Teaser for 6/19/2015

What is so special about this set of numbers, aside from the fact that it is a palindrome?

Trivia for 6/19/2015

What type of poems was Shakespeare known for writing?

1. Odes
2. Elegies
3. Epics
4. Sonnets

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Brain Teaser for 6/17/2015

A worm is at the bottom of a forty foot hole. It can crawl upwards at the rate of four feet in one day, but at night, it slips back three feet. At this rate, how long will it take the worm to crawl out of the hole?
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Trivia for 6/17/2015

This is the real Big Bird- the bird with the largest wingspan in the US. After being extinct in the wild for almost a decade, captive breeding programs once again have this bird of prey flying free.

1. Peregrine falcon
2. Golden eagle
3. Bald eagle
4. California condor

The Art Of Puzzles

Monday, June 15, 2015

Heartwild Solitaire: Book Two

Binky's once comfortable life, working as a maid by day and an artist's model by night, has begun to crumble. Rejected by her secret lover and betrayed by her longtime employer, everything she has ever known is changing. Leaving her future to fate, Binky turns to tarot cards for guidance. Immerse yourself in this unique solitaire-style adventure! Make card matches, collect bonus points for sequential matching, and gather unique level-changing power-ups as you choose which path the story takes!

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Brain Teaser for 6/16/2015

1. 3 1 4 1 5 9 2...
What are the next three numerals in this series?

2. A snail is at the bottom of a well 30 feet deep. It crawls up 3 feet each day, but at night, it slips down 2 feet. How long does it take for the snail to crawl out the well?

Trivia for 6/16/2015

Who was the most famous pupil of Socrates?

1. Plato
2. Aristotle
3. Aristophanes
4. Alexander the Great

Today's Puzzle "Squares"

Be prepared to indulge in the exciting game of Squares! Your aim in this game is to rotate the objects until 4 of the same kind form the four corners of a square, so that those objects can be removed.
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Today's Featured Online Game - "Tic Tac Toe"

Revisit the good old days as you play against the computer in the traditional Tic Tac Toe! Your goal in this game is to form a line of 3 consecutive markings before the computer does so in order to win.
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Amazing Trivia Part 1

I admit it .. I LIKE trivia, tho it serves no purpose for me since I can never remember any to bring up in conversation. But still, it is fun, so I've created this list of amazing trivia that I found to be absolutely riveting.
1. Snails can sleep up to 3 years. Not so amazing actually since I managed to sleep thru 6 years of jr. high and high school. And when you think about it, what do snails have to do all their lives? Sure, they leave great slime trails and make excellent targets for salt shakers and little boys, but other than that there’s not much more to do but sleep after an exhausting run across a sidewalk.....Read On

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Brain Teaser for 6/14/2015

Three friends went out for drinks. The waiter brought them a check for $30, so each one of them paid $10. When the waiter took the cash, he realized he had made a mistake, and the check was for $25 instead. When he gave their change back, each friend got a dollar and they left the remaining two dollars as a tip. Therefore, each customer paid $9; multiplied by 3 this equals $27; plus $2 for the tip equals $29. Where is the remaining dollar?
The Puzzle Blog

Trivia for 6/14/2015

You saw a melanistic Panthera pardus in a Tarzan movie. What is it likely that you called it?

1. Chimpanzee
2. Cheetah
3. African lion
4. Black panther

Angry Bird Games

Friday, June 12, 2015

Brain Teaser for 6/13/2015

1. Rhonda will go see ballet but not opera. Her favorite number is eight and she doesn’t like nine. She likes salmon but not trout. She hates Mondays but likes Wednesdays. Does she use a comb or a brush?

2. Andy likes orange but not purple. He likes torches but not chandeliers. He eats berries but not fruits. Following the same rules, does he like Byron or Keats?
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Trivia for 6/13/2015

In the United States, what federal law was passed to save hundreds of threatened species from extinction?

1. Animal Protection Act
2. Conservation Act
3. Extinct Animals Act
4. Endangered Species Act

The Big Book Of Brain Games

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Brain Teaser for 6/12/2015

Patty doesn't feel she is really a child anymore. Ten years ago, her mother was five times her age. Now she is three­sevenths of her mother's age, and in five years she will be half her mother's age. How old will she be when she is half her mother's age?
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Trivia for 6/12/2015

In the standard game of darts, how many times may a competitor re-throw a dart if it doesn't stick in the board the first time?

1. Zero
2. One
3. Two
4. Three

Today's Puzzle "How Many Circles 1"

How many Circles can you find in this picture?

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3 Unique Games and Puzzles and Their History

Most of us have very fond memories of the various childhood games we played, and some still live on, not only in our memories, but have been passed down to our children and grandchildren. Do we ever stop to wonder, however, where these games started? Who were the masterminds behind these games? How many generations have they traveled down? Did the designer create them merely for their own children, or did they have plans of making their millions by creating a new craze? Let's take a look at a few of these games and puzzles, and consider the history behind them. We may be surprised at what we find.....Read On

Slyder Adventures

The spherical hero Slyder returns in his latest topsy-turvy adventure. Guide Slyder and three of his friends through worlds packed with fun, excitement, and danger! Explore four huge worlds in two unique game modes, each with unique characters and items to interact with. Play with simple controls using only the mouse to tilt and turn Slyder's world around him. Play for a few minutes and you'll be hooked.

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Brain Teaser for 6/11/2015

1. There is one in a minute and two in a moment, but only one in a million years. What is it?

2. What is so fragile that when you say its name you break it?

3. How can you make 30 cents with only two USA coins if one of the coins is not a nickel?

4. What can fill a room but takes up no space?
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Trivia for 6/11/2015

Among his accomplishments, this Renaissance genius designed the horizontal water wheel, which led to the development of the water turbine. Who was he?

1. Donatello
2. Leonardo da Vinci
3. Raphael
4. Michelangelo

Today's Puzzle "The Typing Of The Ghosts"

For many years, the evil spirits have been haunting the deserted mansion. Being the apprentice to an exorcist, you are asked to destroy the ghosts by typing the words and numbers shown on them.
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Today's Featured Online Game - "Twins"

The twins are not going anywhere without each other. Let's give them a helping hand! In this game, your task is to clear by board by connecting 2 balls of the same color so that they can be removed.
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Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Brain Teaser for 6/10/2015

Alice is walking thought the forest of forgetfulness. She wants to know what day of the week it is. She stops and asks a lion and a unicorn. Now the lion lies all of the time on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. The unicorn always lies on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Alice asks the lion what day it is, he says, "Well yesterday was one of my lying days." Well Alice cant figure it out just from the Lions answer so she asks the unicorn and the unicorn says, "Yesterday was also one of my lying days." What day is it?
A Potato Chips Lovers Dream

Trivia for 6/10/2015

What is the distance around the earth at the equator in miles? (To the nearest 1,000 miles)

1. 18,000
2. 25,000
3. 28,000
4. 21,000

Today's Puzzle "Blox Forever"

Puzzle solving that's a whole new level of fun. Combine the similar BLOX together to solve each puzzle. Lots of challenging obstacles to avoid.
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Today's Featured Online Game - "Save"

We would like to spread the message of anti-war through this game, for peace is the utmost longing in the hearts of the innocent. To prevent their blood from shedding, please guide the civilians in the war zone to the salvation tent and protect them from bombs, mines and toxic gases.
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Club Penguin

Monday, June 8, 2015

Brain Teaser for 6/9/2015

1. A man is asked what his daughters look like. He answers, "They are all blondes, but two, all brunettes, but two, and all redheads, but two." How many daughters did he have?

2. An old man said to a young man, "I have a daughter. She has as many brothers as she has sisters. Each one of her brothers has twice as many sisters as he has brothers. How many sons and daughters do I have?"
A Fun Zone Daily - What's New At A Fun Zone

Trivia for 6/9/2015

What playing card is known as 'the curse of Scotland'?

1. Nine of diamonds
2. Ace of Clubs
3. Two of Clubs
4. Queen of Spades

Today's Featured Online Game - "Wedding Bouquets"

Which one do you prefer - a warm blessing or a naughty trick? Your task in this game is to catch the bride's bouquets, and at the same time prevent the bombs from explosion.
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Classic TV

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Brain Teaser for 6/8/2015

The following puzzle consists of a proverb with all its vowels removed. The remaining letters have been broken into groups of four. Put back the vowels to find the proverb.
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Trivia for 6/8/2015

In 1977, a food additive was banned when it was found to cause cancer. What color was this additive?

1. Yellow
2. Green
3. Blue
4. Red

Today's Puzzle "How Many Triangles 1"

How many Triangles can you find in this picture?

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Today's Featured Online Game - "Mouse and Cat"

After a long journey away from home, the little mouse is craving some tasty refreshments. It glows with delight when it sees bright yellow cubes of cheese along both sides of the river. However, it has to cross the rapid current in order to enjoy its treat. Your goal in the game is to help the little mouse to reach the other side of the river by jumping onto the boards which are floating in the water.
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Plants vs Zombies A Scorching Tower Defense

One of the oldest video game genres is tower defense. It's also one of the simplest game types. Basically a strategy game, this genre involves making sure that a specific location is protected from enemy attacks. A couple examples of this type of game are "Crystal Defenders", a product of the collaboration of Square-Enix and Namco, and "Defense of the Ancients". However, last year, the most popular tower defense game so far, was released. Who among you haven't heard the title, "Plants vs. Zombies"?....Read On

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Embark on a Sudoku-filled quest for Mayan Gold! Puzzle your way through ten unique and ever-changing levels on an adventurous hunt for hidden treasures! Or, play a traditional game and choose the Sudoku challenge that's right for you. Featuring hints, an in-depth tutorial, both Mayan and Standard tiles, and a built-in Sudoku solver, Sudoku Maya Gold is fun for players of all skill levels. Start your search for Sudoku fun today!

Saturday, June 6, 2015

Brain Teaser for 6/7/2015

What are the largest and smallest 5-digit numbers that satisfy the following conditions?

A. Each digit of the number is a prime digit.
B. Each successive pair of digits forms a 2-digit number that is NOT a prime number.
C. Each of the prime digits must appear at least once in the 5-digit number.
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Trivia for 6/7/2015

"Happy Days" had many spin-offs. Perhaps the strangest was the story of an alien from Ork. What was this show?

1. Laverne and Shirley
2. Alf
3. Mork and Mindy
4. Who's Watching the Kids

Sudoku Maya Gold

Embark on a Sudoku-filled quest for Mayan Gold! Puzzle your way through ten unique and ever-changing levels on an adventurous hunt for hidden treasures! Or, play a traditional game and choose the Sudoku challenge that's right for you. Featuring hints, an in-depth tutorial, both Mayan and Standard tiles, and a built-in Sudoku solver, Sudoku Maya Gold is fun for players of all skill levels. Start your search for Sudoku fun today!

Brain Teaser for 6/6/2015

Every dawn begins with me,
At dusk I'll be the first you see,
And daybreak couldn't come without
What midday centers all about.
Daises grow from me, I'm told
And when I come, I end all cold,
But in the sun I won't be found,
Yet still, each day I'll be around.

Trivia for 6/6/2015

Which American President was the first to be born in the 20th century?

1. Lyndon Johnson
2. Richard Nixon
3. James Carter
4. John F. Kennedy

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Vacation Teasers and Trivia

NEWS: We will be on Vacation for about two weeks. We have posted all Teasers and Trivia for this time. We should be back live around June 6th.

Brain Teaser 5/25/2015

"We were born on the same day of the same year," said Betsy.
"And we have the same mother and father," said Patsy.
"But we're not twins," said Betsy.
Can you explain?
Brain Teaser 5/26/2015

A boy leaves home in the morning to go to school. At the moment he leaves, the house he looks at the clock in the mirror. The clock has no number indication, and for this reason the boy makes a mistake in interpreting the time [mirror-image]. Just assuming the clock must be out of order, the boy cycles to school, where he arrives after twenty minutes. At that moment, the clock at school shows a time that is two and a half hours later than the time that the boy saw on the clock at home.
At what time did he reach school?
Brain Teaser 5/27/2015

1. Tom is younger than Rose, but older than Will and Jack, in that order. Rose is younger than Susie, but older than Jack. Jack is younger than Jim. Susie is older than Rose, but younger than Jim. Jim is older than Tom. Who is the oldest?

2. Allie takes fruit, cake, and cookies for her picnic. She has three boxes for them. One is labeled FRUIT. One is labeled COOKIES. One is labeled CAKE. But she knows her Mom likes to fool her and has put every single thing in the wrong box. The only other thing she knows for sure is that the fruit is not in the CAKE box. Where is the cake?

3. A block of wood in the form of a cube 3" x 10" x 13" has all its six faces painted pink. If the wooden block is cut into 390 cubes of 1" x 1" x 1", how many of these would have pink paint on them?
Brain Teaser 5/28/2015

1. Each of the Johnson brothers has as many sisters as he has brothers. Each of the Johnson sisters has twice as many brothers as she has sisters. How many brothers and sisters are there in the Johnson family?

2. Twenty-one birds are nesting in a tree. If a man shot into the tree and killed one-seventh of them, how many would remain?
Brain Teaser 5/29/2015

How Old Did You Say?

1. "My grandson is about as many days as my son is weeks, and my grandson is as many months as I am in years. My grandson, my son and I together are 140 years. Can you tell me my age in years?"

2. If you reverse the digits of my age, you have the age of my son. A year ago, I was twice his age. How old are we both now?

3. Soon little Freddie will celebrate his tenth birthday. In 11 years Freddie will reach half the average age of his parents. His mother is only 17 years older than her son. How old are Freddie's father and mother.

Brain Teaser 5/30/2015

Fun With Numbers...

1. Replace the asterisks by the correct mathematical signs to make the expression equal to 99.
16 * 12 * 2 * 3 = 99

2. The time is twenty-six minutes to one in the afternoon. The year is 1978, and the date is May 6th. What is the significance of this?
Brain Teaser 5/31/2015

How Many Squares Are In This Picture?
Post Your Solution and SHARE...

Brain Teaser 6/1/2015

Robert and David were preparing to have a water balloon fight. "No Fair" cried Robert, "You have 3 times as many as I do!" David said "Fine!" and gave Robert 10 more balloons. "Still not fair!" argued Robert, "You still have twice as many as I do." How many more balloons must David give Robert for them to have the same number?
Brain Teaser 6/2/2015

1. Brad Doe works for a packaging company. One day, he received four separate orders and accidentally mixed up the addresses, so he applied the address labels at random. What is the probability that exactly three packages were correctly labeled?

2. Imagine a square, with each side 4 cm long, inscribed in a circle. What is the radius of the circle?

3. Without looking at a calendar, within a minute name a boys name using 5 consecutive 1st letters of 5 consecutive months.
Brain Teaser 6/3/2015

The same five letters can be anagrammed into four different words to fill in the blanks in the sentence to make (some­what) good sense. What are missing words?
The farmer with hundreds of _ _ _ _ _, deeply _ _ _ _ _ about the amount of rainfall, and _ _ _ _ _ around with artificial watering systems when the ground is dry enough to _ _ _ _ _ him about the possibility of crop failure.
Brain Teaser 6/4/2015

1. There are 2 ducks in front of 2 other ducks. There are 2 ducks behind 2 other ducks. There are 2 ducks beside 2 other ducks. How many ducks are there?

2. Farmer Brown came to town with some watermelons. He sold half of them plus half a melon, and found that he had one whole melon left. How many melons did he take to town?
Brain Teaser 6/5/2015

1. What number is missing from this series?
2 3 5 7 13 17

2. What's the pattern to these numbers?
8 5 4 9 1 7 6 3 2 0

3. 8998971798998
What is so special about this set of numbers, aside from the fact that it is a palindrome?

Trivia for 5/25/2015

In 1975, a ship and its crew of 29 people vanished on Lake Superior. What was the name of the ship?

1. Vasa
2. Monitor
3. Edmund Fitzgerald
4. Titanic
Trivia for 5/26/2015

Which classification of triangle has all angles less than 90 degrees?

1. obtuse
2. scalene
3. right
4. acute
Trivia for 5/27/2015

His name may be associated with a fine meal, but this man has been called the "Father of Romanticism" in French literature.

1. Francois Chateaubriand
2. Victor Hugo
3. Jean Anthelme Brillat-Savarin
4. Johann von Goethe
Trivia for 5/28/2015

Of the nine commonly recognized planets in our solar system what cold planet was the last to be discovered?

1. Neptune
2. Pluto
3. Uranus
4. Saturn
Trivia for 5/29/2015

Samuel Langhorne Clemens, a one time Mississippi steamboat pilot, is better known by what name?

1. Lewis Carroll
2. George Eliot
3. O. Henry
4. Mark Twain
Trivia for 5/30/2015

The Julian calendar, containing leap years and 365 days, was the work of Julius Caesar and a number of his advisers. Which Alexandrian mathematician was his chief advisor on the calendar?

1. Manaechmus
2. Sosigenes
3. Callipedes
4. Eratasthenes
Trivia for 5/31/2015

What was the name of the poison that killed Socrates?

1. hemlock
2. ricin
3. arsenic
4. juice of nightshade
Trivia for 6/1/2015

K is the symbol for what element on the periodic table?

1. krypton
2. gold
3. potassium
4. carbon
Trivia for 6/2/2015

We all know that the biggest mammal is the blue whale. But what kind of animal is the smallest mammal?

1. A bat
2. A shrew
3. A mouse
4. A hamster
Trivia for 6/3/2015

In 1913 the first of this modern type of puzzle was published in the "New York World". What type of puzzle was it?

1. Jumble
2. Dot to dot
3. Acrostic
4. Crossword puzzle
Trivia for 6/4/2015

The artist Pablo Picasso owned a dog named Kabul whom Picasso claimed influenced his painting style. What breed was this appropriately-named dog?

1. Yorkshire terrier
2. Afghan hound
3. Greyhound
4. Maltese
Trivia for 6/5/2015

Constantinople fell to the Ottoman Turks in which year?

1. 1550
2. 1612
3. 1380
4. 1453

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Brain Teaser for 5/24/2015

Naturally, 7 beats six by 1.
And, of course, 700 beats 600.
Why then, does 71 not beat 67?
Wonderword Puzzles - Puzzle Fun At It's Best

Trivia for 5/24/2015

You have only one. What does an earthworm have 10 of?

1. Noses
2. Segments
3. Mouths
4. Hearts

Mind Games

Friday, May 22, 2015

Brain Teaser for 5/23/2015

Two Quick Ones...

1. Which is more, seconds in 100 hours or inches in 100 yards?

2. Complete the series by adding the next number:
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Trivia for 5/23/2015

What breed of dog's name comes from the Russian word for 'swift'?

1. Saluki
2. Basenji
3. Borzoi
4. Whippet

Today's Puzzle "Flip It!"

This is like the classic board game, Othello. The last one with the most of their color wins.
Play Here

Today's Featured Online Game - "Easter Eggs"

Time to find the perfect companions for the Easter eggs in the amazing cascade! Your goal in this game is to swap the positions of the eggs so that 4 or more of the same color and style are lined up and removed.
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Today's Themed Crossword Puzzle "Living Room"
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Today's Themed Word Search Puzzle "Animals"
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You Don't Know Jack

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Brain Teaser for 5/22/2015

1. You have two pencils, a good one and a cheap one. The good one costs $1.00 more than the cheap one. You spend $1.10 for both. How much did the cheap one cost?

2. How much dirt is in a hole that is 3 ft. deep, and 6 inches in diameter?
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Trivia for 5/22/2015

Show your affection with a Peppermint Twist. What type of flower is the Peppermint Twist?

1. daisy
2. sunflower
3. rose
4. tulip

Today's Puzzle "Word Scramble II"

In this game you will be given 5 letters. You will need to use these 5 letters to form words. The words need not contain all the 5 letters so you can form a lot of words. You will earn a score each time after forming a word and you will gain extra bonus if you can form all the words. Use the mouse the drag and drop the letters to create words.
Play Here

Today's Featured Online Game - "Chinese Checkers"

Challenge your mind and try various strategies as you battle with the computer in this traditional board game! Your target is to move all your marbles to the enemy base before your opponent does so.
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Amazon And Your Done

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Brain Teaser 5/21/2015

1. My brother started out from Boston, and I started out from New York, to meet in New Haven for lunch. When we met in New Haven, which of us was farther from Boston?

2. If you have only one match and you walked into a room where there was an oil burner, a kerosene lamp, and a wood burning stove, which one would you light first?
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Trivia for 5/21/2015

What is the name of the mountain pass where, in 480 B.C., a handful of Greeks were able to hold back thousands of Persians before they were all killed?

1. Salamis
2. Plataea
3. Marathon
4. Thermopylae

Today's Puzzle "World Capitals Quiz"

Set as a challenge to world travelers and global villagers alike, the World Capitals Quiz will require you to pick the correct capital of the country among 4 cities.
Play Here

Today's Featured Online Game - "Alien Intruders"

Hordes of alien intruders from the outer space have been sent to invade your beautiful planet. Your task is to bring the invasion to a halt by destroying all of the enemies.
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Today's Themed Crossword Puzzle "Letter B Jobs"
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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Brain Teaser 5/20/2015

My first can be found, in a TREE, but not on the GROUND.
My second not PERMITTED, but certainly ALLOWED.
My third is in GREY, if it is spelled the English way.
My forth is in PEA, but not in NUT.
Fifth is in HOUSES, also in HUTS.
SIXTH always in DAY but never night.
My last is in STICKY, but not in BUN
My whole very large it weighs a ton.
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Trivia for 5/20/2015

What state is mentioned in the Harlem Globetrotter's theme song?

1. Alaska
2. New Mexico
3. Alabama
4. Georgia

Today's Puzzle "Math PacMan"

This is a pac man game with a twist. In this game you need to control the Math Man to eat all the ghosts. You can only eat the ghosts after you have eaten a special food, when a special food is eaten, you will be given a formula, and you can only eat the ghost with the answer to the formula. When the game advances, there will be more ghosts and the formulas will be harder. Use the arrow keys to move the Math Man around in the maze.
Play Here

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Today's Themed Word Search Puzzle "Africa"
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Today's Featured Online Game - "Bricks Squasher"

Arcade game lovers, come and enjoy the addicting remake of classic arkanoid! Your goal in this game is to use the paddle to bounce the pinball so as to hit and destroy the bricks.
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Monday, May 18, 2015

Brain Teaser 5/19/2015

There was a guy who had a Fox, a Chicken, and a bag of Grain. He had to cross a river to get back home, but he could only take one item with him at a time. He could only take the fox, or the grain, or the chicken. Well, if you leave a chicken and a fox on one side of the river while taking the bag of grain across, the fox will eat the chicken, same thing with the chicken and the grain. Can’t leave those two alone or the chicken will eat the grain. How do you get them all across the river safely?
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Trivia for 5/19/2015

Which Swede, who saved over 30,000 Jewish lives in World War II, was arrested by the Soviets and never seen again?

1. Raoul Wallenberg
2. Per Albin Hansson
3. Alfred Nobel
4. Georg Homin

Today's Puzzle "Scoring Mahjongg"

Time to showcase your matching skills, mahjongg lovers! Your goal in this game is to remove all tiles by pairing them up. Before the game starts, you can choose to play with the classic mahjongg set or a simple combination of numbers and letters.
Play Here

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Today's Themed Crossword Puzzle "Legal Beagle"
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Today's Themed ScrabbleCross Puzzle "Airplanes"
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Today's Quiz
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Today's Themed Word Search Puzzle "Accounting"
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Today's Featured Online Game - "Battleships"

Purge your enemy's naval forces and assert your authority in the sea! Your goal in this game is to sink the opponent's battleships by using torpedoes strategically.
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Summer Fun

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Brain Teaser 5/18/2015

1. If SIX is TEN, ONE is HIS, and FIVE is LEGS, what is SEVEN?

2. Two men play five games of checkers. Each man wins the same number of games. There are no ties. Explain this.

3. What belongs to you, but others use it more than you do?
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Trivia for 5/18/2015

Where do Hershey’s Kisses get their name?

1. Their shape
2. Their sound
3. Their flavor
4. Their inventor

Today's Puzzle "Greater Than Sudoku"

Yet another challenging sudoku puzzle is here - are you confident enough to face the crowd of symbols? In this game you will be given a 9x9 grid, which is evenly divided into 9 squares. Your goal is to put numbers 1 to 9 onto the blanks of the grid, such that the numbers will not be repeated in each row, each column, and each 3x3 square. In addition to that, a greater-than or a smaller-than sign will appear between any two blocks in a 3x3 subgroup, indicating the ordinal relationship between the numbers in those blocks.
Play Here

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Today's Themed Crossword Puzzle "Laughter"
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Today's Themed ScrabbleCross Puzzle "Active Volcanoes"
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Today's Quiz
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Today's Themed Word Search Puzzle "8 Letter Animals"
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Today's Featured Online Game - "Asteroids"

Numerous asteroids may strike your planet and cause unimaginable disasters. At the same time, some aliens from the outer space are planning to invade your homeland. Your task in this game is to eliminate all these dangerous objects as quickly as possible, or you will be hit and crashed.
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