Thursday, July 30, 2015

Brain Teaser for 8/1/2015

Jack is taller than Peter, and Bill is shorter than Jack. Which of the following statements would be most accurate?
(A) Bill is taller than Peter.
(B) Bill is shorter than Peter.
(C) Bill is as tall as Peter.
(D) It is impossible to tell whether Bill or Peter is taller.
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Trivia for 8/1/2015

I am the "Apollo of Dogs"! I am one of the tallest breeds - and despite my name, I come from Germany!

1. Great Dane
2. Great Pyrenees
3. Bernese Mountain Dog
4. Greater Swiss Mountain Dog

Today's Puzzle "Geography Game Central America"

Explore and learn about the world with these geography games. Today's country is Central America.
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Today's Featured Online Game - "Fill It"

Move ship with cursor keys - the rest you can figure out on your own...
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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Brain Teaser for 7/29/2015

Three playing cards in a row. Can you name them with these clues?
There is a two to the right of a king.
A diamond will be found to the left of a spade.
An ace is to the left of a heart.
A heart is to the left of a spade.
Now, identify all three cards.
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Trivia for 7/29/2015

In the 1986 NFL Draft, what player was selected with the number one overall selection, but didn't sign with the team, instead playing baseball that year?

1. Deion Sanders
2. Lawrence Elkins
3. Bo Jackson
4. Ricky Bell

Today's Puzzle "Geography Game Canada"

Explore and learn about the world with these geography games. Today's country is Canada.
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Today's Featured Online Game - "Eliminator"

The idea is to move the colored balls so that all the same colors end up grouping together which causes them to disappear.
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Monday, July 27, 2015

Brain Teaser for 7/28/2015

I am periodically the number 79.
Long ago some attempted to make me from 29 but learned it couldn’t be done. If you add me to 80 I appear to be 47 temporarily.
What am I?
The Art Of Optical Illusions

Trivia for 7/28/2015

If spelunking is your hobby what would you be exploring?

1. mountains
2. reefs
3. caves
4. tropical forests

Today's Puzzle "If 1 + 1 = 5"


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Sunday, July 26, 2015

Brain Teaser for 7/27/2015

1. How can a woman in New York, without getting a divorce or becoming a widow, or otherwise legally separated, legally marry 10 men?

2. I am a 4-digit number that is the same when my digits are written backwards. The sum of my outside digits is 6 times the sum of my two middle digits. What number am I?

3. The local Music Society had their fall concert last night. Ticket prices were as follows: men $5, women $2, children 10 cents. Coincidentally, 120 people attended and $120 was earned from ticket sales. How many men, women and children were in attendance?
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Trivia for 7/27/2015

His theorem on triangles is something everyone knows, at least if you paid attention in geometry. Who is he?

1. Pythagoras
2. Archimedes
3. Protagoras
4. Euripedes

Today's Puzzle "Geography Game Australia"

Explore and learn about the world with these geography games. Today's country is Australia.
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Today's Featured Online Game - "Cliffie The Mailman Game"

In this free game online you are the mailman. Cliffie from the TV show Cheers. Move from mailbox to mailbox in the busy city streets. Don't get attacked by dogs or hit by cars!
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World Mosaics

Unravel the mysteries of a society that disappeared over a thousand years ago by solving the pictographic puzzles they left behind! Solve your way through 99 puzzles in seven exotic locations around the world in story mode, or tackle over 100 additional puzzles in extra puzzle mode! Each puzzle forms a unique mosiac that is only revealed once the puzzle is solved! Your quest begins in the shadow of the majestic Parthenon, but it just may take you around the world before you are through!

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Brain Teaser for 7/23/2015

1. Three Points on a Hemisphere
Three points are selected at random on a sphere's surface. What is the probability that they all lie in the same hemisphere? Assume that the great circle, bordering a hemisphere, is part of the hemisphere.

2. I am a window, I am a lamp, I am clouded, I am shining, and I am colored; set in white, I fill with water and overflow. I say much, but I have no words. What am I?
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Trivia for 7/23/2015

As it applies to time zones, what does "GMT" stand for?

1. Gross Metered Time
2. Greenwich Mean Time
3. Global Mean Time
4. Global Metric Time

Today's Puzzle "What's The Finishing Order"


Today's Featured Online Game - "Busy Burger"

This is a restaurant simulator game where you have to work in a burger bar and serve the orders given by the customers before the customers get angry.
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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Brain Teaser for 7/22/2015

A Quiz For People Who Know Everything
1. There’s one "sport" in which neither the spectators nor the participants know the score or the leader until the contest ends. What is it?
2. What famous North American landmark is constantly moving backward?
3. Of all vegetables, only two can live to produce on their own for several growing seasons. All other vegetables must be replanted every year. What are the only two perennial vegetables?
4. Name the only sport in which the ball is always in possession of the team on defense, and the offensive team can score without touching the ball?
5. What fruit has its seeds on the outside?
6. In many liquor stores, you can buy pear brandy, with a real pear inside the bottle. The pear is whole and ripe, and the bottle is genuine; it hasn’t been cut in any way. How did the pear get inside the bottle?
7. Only three words in standard English begin with the letters "dw." They are all common. Name two of them.
8. There are fourteen punctuation marks in English grammar. Can you name half of them?
9. Where are the lakes that are referred to in the "Los Angeles Lakers?"
10. There are seven ways a baseball player can legally reach first base without getting a hit. Taking a base on balls, a walk, is one way. Name the other six.
11. It’s the only vegetable or fruit that is never sold frozen, canned, processed, cooked, or in any other form but fresh. What is it?
12. Name six or more things that you can wear on your feet that begin with the letter "S."
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Trivia for 7/22/2015

In 1976, a fleet of "Tall Ships" sailed into New York Harbor. What event were they celebrating?

1. The Bicentennial of the United States
2. Columbus Day
3. Veteran's Day
4. The anniversary of the Boston Tea Party

Today's Puzzle "Geography Game Africa"

Explore and learn about the world with these geography games. Today's country is Africa.
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Today's Featured Online Game - "Bump Copter 2"

Guide the helicopter to the flag without hitting and obstacles.
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You Don't Know Jack

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Brain Teaser for 7/20/2015

In order to win a free laptop computer, students had to guess the exact numbers of gumballs in a jar. The students guessed 45, 41, 55, 50, and 43, but nobody won. The guesses were off by 3, 7, 5, 7, and 2 (given in no particular order). From this information, can you determine the number of gumballs in the jar?
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Trivia for 7/20/2015

We have all seen those pretty little glass doodads that are manufactured to make rainbows on the wall when light shines through them. What are they called?

1. Wave generators
2. Prions
3. Diffusers
4. Prisms

Today's Puzzle "Language Recognition Test"

Here is a fun little test. World travelers should do well. But just guessing at them you might surprise yourself.
How To Play
The following QUOTE is repeated in many different languages below. Your job is to guess the language.
Today's Language Count Is 31
THE QUOTE=There are three kinds of intelligence; one kind understands things for itself, the other appreciates what others can understand, the third understands neither for itself nor through others. This first kind is excellent, the second good, and the third kind useless. -Niccolo Machiavelli
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Improving Spelling With Games

Many kids struggle each and every year at school with that dreaded Friday spelling test. It doesn't get any easier because chances are good that the words just keep getting harder. For many parents, spelling is often a challenge to teach as well. The English language is nothing simple. But, what if you could teach them through the use of a PC game? That would be excellent, wouldn't it?....Read On
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Garden Defense

Do you have the nerves to withstand an onslaught of ferocious fruit flies, aggressive ants, and slimy slugs? Can you plant a spitting sunflower without losing an eye? Do you have the right screwdriver to attach a rocket launcher to a garden gnome? Then join the battle, and master Garden Defense! Help the Smiths save their flowers by using an arsenal of lawn ornaments, plants, and battle-hardened bugs to defend gardens from hungry pests!

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Brain Teaser for 7/19/2015

1. A man gave one son 10 cents and another son was given 15 cents. What time is it?

2. Round and round the ragged rock, The rugged rascal ran. Tell me how many 'r's are in that?

3. Three friends went out for drinks. The waiter brought them a check for $30, so each one of them paid $10. When the waiter took the cash, he realized he had made a mistake, and the check was for $25 instead. When he gave their change back, each friend got a dollar and they left the remaining two dollars as a tip. Therefore, each customer paid $9; multiplied by 3 this equals $27; plus $2 for the tip equals $29. Where is the remaining dollar?
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Trivia for 7/19/2015

Of what two gases is earth's atmosphere mainly composed?

1. carbon dioxide and oxygen
2. argon and nitrogen
3. hydrogen and oxygen
4. oxygen and nitrogen

Brain Teaser for 7/18/2015

Although I exist alone, I am often intertwined with others as the threads of a spider web. When worn there's an expression that signifies you shall not leave me. A man with a name meaning knowledgeable one once said that I am part of a set of four and that I have less than ten folds.

Trivia for 7/18/2015

What speed barrier was broken for the first time in 1947?

1. Underwater
2. Sound barrier
3. Four minute mile
4. Land

The $100,000 Pyraimd

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Brain Teaser for 7/16/2015

1. Using all of the digits from I to 9 once each, create three 3-digit numbers that are in a ratio of 1:2:3. There are four solutions.

2. Rhonda will go see ballet but not opera. Her favorite number is eight and she doesn’t like nine. She likes salmon but not trout. She hates Mondays but likes Wednesdays. Does she use a comb or a brush?
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Trivia for 7/16/2015

This popular movie star of the twenties starred in "The Sheik". Who was he?

1. Rudolph Valentino
2. Harold Lloyd
3. Johnny Weissmuller
4. Douglas Fairbanks

iWin Games

Monday, July 13, 2015

Brain Teaser for 7/14/2015

The tour guide was finishing the tour at Mozart's grave and told everyone that if they listened very carefully, they could hear actual music coming from the grave. Everyone immediately fell silent and, sure enough, symphony music could be distinctly heard coming from the ground although it sounded as if it were being played backwards. What could possibly explain this?
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Trivia for 7/14/2015

Who said "Eureka!" when he sat in his bathtub and discovered the properties of displacement?

1. Eureka
2. Archimedes
3. Plautus
4. Euripedes

Today's Puzzle "Which One Fits?"

Can you decipher which of these jigsaw puzzle pieces fits into the picture?


Today's Featured Online Game - "Why Did The Chicken Cross The Road?"

Guide your chicken to the worms in a Frogger type game.
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Sunday, July 12, 2015

Brain Teaser for 7/13/2015

Frogger the magic frog can jump 10 feet using his magical magic jump, but his magic loses its power by a half each time, so his next jump only goes as far as 5 feet. The next jump will take him 2.5 feet, and so on. How many jumps does it take to make it all the way across a 100 foot long pond?
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Trivia for 7/13/2015

The Bronx Zoo once had a picture frame covered by cloth. It was labeled "The most dangerous species in the world." If you removed the cover, what framed object did you see?

1. A rat
2. A great white shark
3. A virus
4. A mirror

Today's Puzzle "Geography Game"

How much do you remember from high school geography?
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Today's Featured Online Game - "Cherry Bomb"

This tetris like game incorporates some fun and explosive elements that will keep you on your toes.
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Clutter II - He Said, She Said

The Clutter is back and it needs to be cleaned in Clutter II: He Said, She Said! Everything you loved about Clutter and more is included in this exciting sequel! More levels, more variations and more addictive than before. Everything is re-playable, even the mini games! Adventure through 12 new lands as you try to put everything back together again. The Randomly Generated Puzzles will give you hours of new challenges and gameplay. Will you be able to clean up the Clutter?

Brain Teaser for 7/12/2015

A 30 year old man married a 25 year old woman. She died at age 50 and her husband was so devastated that he cried for years. Ten years after he stopped crying, he died. If he had lived to be 80, how many years was he a widower?

Trivia for 7/12/2015

What was the real last name of authors Ellis, Acton, and Currer Bell?

1. Shelley
2. Austen
3. Bronte
4. Eliot

Friday, July 10, 2015

Brain Teaser for 7/10/2015

After teaching his class all about roman numerals (X = 10, IX=9 and so on) the teacher asked his class to draw a single continuous line and turn IX into 6. The only stipulation the teacher made was that the pen could not be lifted from the paper until the line was complete.

Trivia for 7/10/2015

What is the term for a word that can be rearranged to form another word?

1. Acronym
2. Palindrome
3. Antonym
4. Anagram

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Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Brain Teaser for 7/8/2015

Carl Jones introduced Roger Smith to his friend as his Uncle Roger. Roger Smith introduced Carl Jones to his friend as his Uncle Carl.
"If you are uncles to each other," queried one of the friends, "you must also be nephews to each other."
"That's correct," replied Carl.
Since there has been no breach of marriage law, how can you explain such a relationship?
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Trivia for 7/8/2015

In the 1960s and 70s, a pesticide was blamed for causing the eggshells of birds, like brown pelicans and bald eagles, to weaken and break. What was this pesticide?

1. DDT
2. Pyrethrin
3. Dieldrin
4. Malathions

Today's Puzzle "Celebrity Simon"

Click the celebrity blocks in the same sequence as they are shown to you. The higher the level, the more complicated the sequence.A fun little puzzle game.
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Today's Featured Online Game - "Bubble Bugs"

Catch the bugs with bubbles. Press the mouse button to start inflating the bubble, release the mouse button to release the bubble and catch the bug.
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Gem Games

Monday, July 6, 2015

Brain Teaser for 7/7/2015

In front of you, there are 9 coins. They all look absolutely identical, but one of the coins is fake. However, you know that the fake coin is lighter than the rest, and in front of you is a balance scale. What is the least number of weightings you can use to find the counterfeit coin?
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Trivia for 7/7/2015

Of the six vanished Wonders of the Ancient World, which was the last to disappear?

1. The Hanging Gardens of Babylon
2. The Statue of Zeus at Olympia
3. The Lighthouse of Alexandria
4. The Colossus of Rhodes

Today's Puzzle "A Fun Zone's TRYCHUS Games"

TRYCHUS are very stimulating brain mind puzzle games. Test and develop  your mental powers of concentration, perception and visual acuity speed through the graphic patterns of the mighty TRYCHUS puzzles. TRYCHUS is a very powerful yet simple and easy matching cubic type puzzle game with 10 exciting modules. Choose your TRYCHUS speed level time limit to complete the full recognition task at hand. You can select from three time limits.
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Culinary Trivia 2

Are you looking for some of the interesting facts about food or culinary? If your answer is yes, then here are some of the most amusing facts you must know. Share these facts and impress your friends. Ice Cream - Ice cream is a Chinese food item. Marco Polo the famous explorer when returned to Italy....Read On

My Kingdom for the Princess II

The adventures of Arthur and Princess Helen continue in this long awaited sequel to the addictive strategy, time management, simulation game. It's up to Arthur to clear the land in pursuit of Longbeard the Dwarf and rescue Princess Helen.
Long-awaited sequel to the award-winning title My Kingdom For The Princess.
Unique game play (mix of strategy, time management and simulation), now with new mini-games.
Great and intrigue story
Expand your castle and earn trophies.
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Friday, July 3, 2015

Brain Teaser for 7/4/2015

1. Hanger is to closet as tree is to:
Branch - Bushes - Forest - Ground - Nest

2. You can spin, wheel and twist, but this thing can turn without moving. What is it?
Will Shortz KenKen Puzzles

Trivia for 7/4/2015

The first 'Superbowl' game was in 1967. Do you know who won?

1. New York Jets
2. Kansas City Chiefs
3. Green Bay Packers
4. Dallas Cowboys

Fly A Flag

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Brain Teaser for 7/2/2015

1. Brad Doe works for a packaging company. One day, he received four separate orders and accidentally mixed up the addresses, so he applied the address labels at random. What is the probability that exactly three packages were correctly labeled?

2. Imagine a square, with each side 4 cm long, inscribed in a circle. What is the radius of the circle?

3. Without looking at a calendar, within a minute name a boys name using 5 consecutive 1st letters of 5 consecutive months.
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Trivia for 7/2/2015

In "The Breakfast Club" (1985), what did Claire, played by Molly Ringwald, do to get a Saturday detention?

1. Smoked pot.
2. Mouthed off to a teacher.
3. Skipped class to go shopping.
4. Refused to change her clothes for gym class.

Advanced Scrabble Techniques

The first advanced skill appearing on every expert's list is rack management. A play is good if it considers first, the points earned, and second, the leave. To play competitively, one must keep a balanced rack. While there is an element of luck in any draw, a player of skill knows when to sacrifice a higher point value for a better leave. In general, one should try to play longer words, in order to keep tile turn-over high, increasing the chance of getting the best letter combinations for bingos. Consonants and vowels should be kept in balance in order to avoid difficult scenarios. Tile tracking is one way players may decide between two good plays. If you know there are still several Os in play, you may opt to keep that I instead. And even after following the guidelines for the best rack management, an expert knows when to trade in....Read On

Today's Puzzle "Blob Wars"

A turn based strategy puzzle game of blobs fighting for territory. Much like Othello.
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Today's Featured Online Game - "Tomato Bounce"

Help the tomatoes escape the dreaded salad! Use the blue spatula to bounce the tomatoes safely over to the table. Don't catch the can of tomato paste, though. That will lose you points!
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See You At The Movies

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Brain Teaser for 7/1/2015

A fireman is running to get a net under a lady who looks like she might jump off the balcony of her 20 story apartment building. There is nothing below her except a 20 story fall. The fireman is still 100 yards away when she falls and can't nearly get there in time. The woman is not hurt more than a bruise. How is that possible?
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Trivia for 7/1/2015

An unusual 70's fad was a pet that wasn't really a pet. Gary Dahl made a fortune out of selling what common objects as pets?

1. Clay animals
2. Cacti
3. Rocks
4. Wooden spoons

Today's Puzzle "Bad Apple Puzzle"

Try to find all the good apples without clicking on the bad apples. Clicking on a apple reveals either a number or a worm. A number indicates how many works are adjacent to that position. A worm ends the game. Use logic to determine which apples have worms in them.
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Today's Featured Online Game - "Big Red Button"

Do not press the big red button!
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The Game Of Life

Monday, June 29, 2015

Brain Teaser for 6/30/2015

1. I'm in a rock, not in a stone
I'm in marrow, not in bone
I'm in a bolster, not in a bed
I'm not living , I'm not dead

2. I have seven letters. The first two stand for a boy. The first three stand for a girl. The first four stand for a brave boy. But all of my letters stand for a brave girl. What word am I?
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Trivia for 6/30/2015

Who was the first man in space?

1. Gus Grissom
2. Alan Shepard
3. John Glenn
4. Yuri Gagarin

Today's Puzzle "Add Like Mad"

Add Like Mad is a educational game and learnig game featuring basic addition. The player is challenged to select the numbers that up to the target number. Add Like Mad is a great game for online educational fun.
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Today's Featured Online Game - "Warrior"

Can you sweep the mines away without detonating any of them? In this minesweeper game with hexagonal tiles, your goal is to reveal the tiles and find out the 10 mines underneath.
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An Introduction to Optical Illusions

Optical illusions are considered as malfunction of the visual system. This phenomenon is also viewed as bringing out particular good adaptations of visual system to particularly standard viewing situations. These adaptations are considered to be hard-wired in brain’s system. Consequently, inappropriate interpretations of visuals scene are causes. Teuber (1960) defined it as illusions of the senses tell us the truth about perception. Further, an optical illusion which is also called a visual illusion is characterized by visually perceived images. These images differ from objective reality. In optical illusions, the information gathered by the eye is processed in the brain to give a percept. This perception does not tally with a physical measurement of the....Read On

GamePoint Games

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Brain Teaser for 6/29/2015

Picture an empty wine bottle with a cork secured at the top in the usual way. Inside the bottle a metal ring hangs suspended by a string. How is it possible to make the metal ring drop to the bottom of the bottle without touching the ring, the thread, the cork, or the bottle while leaving the cork in place and intact?
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Trivia for 6/29/2015

Who was the general that invaded Italy and fought against Rome there for sixteen years in the Second Punic War?

1. Hamilcar
2. Hannibal
3. Elephantus
4. Maximus

Today's Puzzle "What's The Missing Number"

What number should appear in the last orange spot?


Ancient Secrets - Mystery of the Vanishing Bride

As the spiritual successor to the proud Tekkan people, Dr. Kate Miller has been entrusted with the whole of their legacy, everything from ancient artworks to jewels to mysterious artifacts, some benign, some fantastical. While cataloging these relics at her museum, Kate receives a surprise call from a former flame pleading for her help in finding a wayward assistant who is on a forbidden search of an island treasure. She agrees to the expedition, but will the promise of another culture's ancient secrets prove too tempting for Kate? Follow Kate on this grand adventure that leads her to an unexpected discovery. Search the island paradise for indispensable objects and learn the tragedy of the Vanished Bride from its keepers. Use tools to find your way through, solve challenging puzzles, and harness the power of Tekkan relics. With a captivating storyline, more than 15 engaging in-scene mini-games, and a startling twist at the end, this new journey is certain to entertain.

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Brain Teaser for 6/28/2015

These words belong to the same logical family:

Which of these words does too?
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Trivia for 6/28/2015

This breed of horse is the famous white mount of the Spanish Riding School of Vienna, Austria.

1. Paso Fino
2. Andalusian
3. Barb
4. Lippizaner

Today's Puzzle "Hangman"

Let's keep away from violence in our peaceful and harmless version of hangman! With the answers collected from the Dolch word list and the lovely graphics, your babies will definitely love it. The object of this game is to find out the hidden words by guessing one letter at a time.
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Today's Featured Online Game - "Zed"

Can you sweep the mines away without detonating any of them? In this minesweeper game with hexagonal tiles, your goal is to reveal the tiles and find out the 10 mines underneath.
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Friday, June 26, 2015

Brain Teaser for 6/27/2015

What number fits in all of these words/phrases?

Desert Storm
Singing in the Rain
Kindle Fire HDX 8.9....

Trivia for 6/27/2015

The first heart transplant was made in 1967. In which country?

1. South Africa
2. Germany
3. USA
4. UK

Today's Puzzle "Knight Switch"

Is the knight on the rim dim? Find out the answer as you attempt to swap the positions of the two groups of knights! At each level of the game you will be given a chessboard, with the two groups of knights facing each other. The pieces can move in the same ways as in a game of chess, that is, they can move two squares vertically and then one square horizontally, or two squares horizontally and then one square vertically. Click and drag a piece to a valid position which will be highlighted in red, then continue the process until the two groups of knights have exchanged their positions. Your current number of moves and the remaining time will be displayed on the left of the screen. If you cannot complete the level within the time limit, the game ends. As you advance in the game, the boards may appear in different sizes and shapes. Challenge your mind and endeavor to complete all 5 levels!
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Today's Featured Online Game - "Hex Mines"

Can you sweep the mines away without detonating any of them? In this minesweeper game with hexagonal tiles, your goal is to reveal the tiles and find out the 10 mines underneath.
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Brain Teaser for 6/26/2015

Can you make this sentence into a phrase by only adding punctuation?
You may not add, subtract, or rearrange the words.

that that is is that that is not is not is that it it is

Trivia for 6/26/2015

Roberta Flack's 1973 number one hit song "Killing Me Softly with His Song" was written about which singer?

1. Eric Clapton
2. Nat King Cole
3. Don McLean
4. Bob Dylan

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Brain Teaser for 6/25/2015

1. Double my number, I'm less than a score, half of my number is less than four. Add one to my double when bakers are near, days of the week are still greater, I fear. What am I?

2. Continue this pattern: 1, 2, 3, 5, ?, ?
The Daily Brain Teaser Blog

Trivia for 6/25/2015

Which degree of longitude is the prime meridian?

1. 0 degrees
2. 90 degrees
3. 45 degrees
4. 180 degrees

Today's Puzzle "Matchsticks"

The rules of Matchsticks seem very easy, but the puzzles can be much more complicated than you have thought! Your goal in this game is to take away a required number of matches so as to form the required quantity of squares.
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Today's Featured Online Game - "Lighting"

Can you press the shutter when you catch a glimpse of the lightning? As an enthusiast of photography, your goal is to take a beautiful photo of the lightning during a thunderstorm.
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Bingo Fun

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Trivia for 6/24/2015

The movie 'Born Free' was released in 1966. It is about a lion cub who was raised to adulthood and then set free. What was the name of this lioness?

1. Eliza
2. Elsie
3. Pride
4. Elsa
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Brain Teaser for 6/24/2015

What do the following words have in common?

Today's Puzzle "How Many Faces"

How many faces can you see in this picture. Look carefully for all faces.  There are a few more that you'd initially think.


Today's Featured Online Game - "Ghost Man"

When was the last time you meet the dear old friend Ghost Man? Help him once again to barrel through the traps and mazes, and conquer the enemies in Ghost Man Advanced! Your goal in this game is to control the Ghost Man so that he can travel through the mazes and consume all food along the way. A ghost will be hunting the Ghost Man, and therefore you need to complete the maze as soon as possible and avoid being trapped by the ghost.
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Monday, June 22, 2015

Brain Teaser for 6/23/2015

Try to find out a multi-digit number that if multiplied by the number 9 or any of its multiplications products (18, 27, 36, 45,..) will result in the multiplication factor repeated (n) number of times.
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Trivia for 6/23/2015

It might give you a headache to think about this, but from what tree was aspirin first derived?

1. Aspen
2. Daisy
3. Willow
4. Pine

Today's Puzzle "Musical Notes"

Rock stars, classical musicians, jazz lovers and enthusiasts of music, are you ready to take the test of music notes? Your task in this game is to play the notes that appear on the staves by using the keyboard. Not a easy puzzle game to master.
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Today's Featured Online Game - "Space Shoot"

Coveting the rich resources on your planet, an alien force has declared war and launched massive attacks against your homeland. As an officer of the defenders, your goal in the game is to control your spacecraft and destroy the enemies.
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Sunday, June 21, 2015

Brain Teaser for 6/22/2015

Can you find 13 animals hidden in these words?

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NBC Heads-Up Poker

Play the desktop version of NBC's popular Texas Hold 'Em poker tournament where players compete head-to-head to win! Choose and customize your player as you compete against powerful and cunning opponents in the traditional 64 player bracket! You have full control over how you play. Will you be reckless and aggressive or will you play it tight and consider your every bet? It's all up to you! There are a million ways to win the tournament - but only the best can be a champion!

Trivia for 6/22/2015

Who was the king of Spain in 1588 when the English defeated the Spanish Armada?

1. Louis XIV
2. Ferdinand the Great
3. Philip II
4. Maximilian I

Today's Puzzle "Ends In W"


Zombie Farm and Zombie Games

When we talk about zombie games, Zombie farm would be the ever increasing popular this day. As time passes farming simulation game and that is created for a new target market. Instead of merely common planting and harvesting, zombie farm promotes gamers to grow zombies and raise a strong army of the un-dead in order to invade close by settlements. It turned out produced by Playforge for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch as well as the online game happens to be totally free for you to download; nonetheless there are actually....Read On

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Brain Teaser for 6/21/2015

1. If the date of the last Saturday of last month and the first Sunday of this month do not add up to 33, what month are we in?

2. Jason decided to give his bike 3 coats of paint. Which coat would go on the first?
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Trivia for 6/21/2015

In 1979, a US embassy was taken over by students, and 52 people were held hostage for 444 days. In what country did this take place?

1. Iraq
2. Angola
3. Kuwait
4. Iran

It's Monopoly Time

Friday, June 19, 2015

Brain Teaser for 6/20/2015

I can be any color you can imagine.
You see me in everyday life.
I have been around for many, many years, look around...
You can probably see some of me right now.
What am I?
Plant Vs. Zombies - Get hooked and play today!

Trivia for 6/20/2015

Sir Issac Newton invented which device for his feline friends?

1. the swinging cat door
2. the scratching post
3. cat collars
4. the litterbox

Today's Puzzle "Puzzle"

Your favorite puzzle is accidentally scattered into pieces by your little sister, and you have to move the tiles around so as to reform the picture. When the game starts, you will be given 15 square tiles, each shows a certain part of the image.
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Today's Featured Online Game - "Tritris"

This is perhaps one of the most challenging versions of tetris you've ever played, as you have to control three falling blocks simultaneously! Same as the original tetris, your goal in this game is to move and rotate the descending blocks so that they can form a complete row and be destroyed.
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Brain Teaser for 6/19/2015

What is so special about this set of numbers, aside from the fact that it is a palindrome?

Trivia for 6/19/2015

What type of poems was Shakespeare known for writing?

1. Odes
2. Elegies
3. Epics
4. Sonnets

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Brain Teaser for 6/17/2015

A worm is at the bottom of a forty foot hole. It can crawl upwards at the rate of four feet in one day, but at night, it slips back three feet. At this rate, how long will it take the worm to crawl out of the hole?
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Trivia for 6/17/2015

This is the real Big Bird- the bird with the largest wingspan in the US. After being extinct in the wild for almost a decade, captive breeding programs once again have this bird of prey flying free.

1. Peregrine falcon
2. Golden eagle
3. Bald eagle
4. California condor

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Monday, June 15, 2015

Heartwild Solitaire: Book Two

Binky's once comfortable life, working as a maid by day and an artist's model by night, has begun to crumble. Rejected by her secret lover and betrayed by her longtime employer, everything she has ever known is changing. Leaving her future to fate, Binky turns to tarot cards for guidance. Immerse yourself in this unique solitaire-style adventure! Make card matches, collect bonus points for sequential matching, and gather unique level-changing power-ups as you choose which path the story takes!

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Brain Teaser for 6/16/2015

1. 3 1 4 1 5 9 2...
What are the next three numerals in this series?

2. A snail is at the bottom of a well 30 feet deep. It crawls up 3 feet each day, but at night, it slips down 2 feet. How long does it take for the snail to crawl out the well?

Trivia for 6/16/2015

Who was the most famous pupil of Socrates?

1. Plato
2. Aristotle
3. Aristophanes
4. Alexander the Great

Today's Puzzle "Squares"

Be prepared to indulge in the exciting game of Squares! Your aim in this game is to rotate the objects until 4 of the same kind form the four corners of a square, so that those objects can be removed.
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Today's Featured Online Game - "Tic Tac Toe"

Revisit the good old days as you play against the computer in the traditional Tic Tac Toe! Your goal in this game is to form a line of 3 consecutive markings before the computer does so in order to win.
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Amazing Trivia Part 1

I admit it .. I LIKE trivia, tho it serves no purpose for me since I can never remember any to bring up in conversation. But still, it is fun, so I've created this list of amazing trivia that I found to be absolutely riveting.
1. Snails can sleep up to 3 years. Not so amazing actually since I managed to sleep thru 6 years of jr. high and high school. And when you think about it, what do snails have to do all their lives? Sure, they leave great slime trails and make excellent targets for salt shakers and little boys, but other than that there’s not much more to do but sleep after an exhausting run across a sidewalk.....Read On

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Brain Teaser for 6/14/2015

Three friends went out for drinks. The waiter brought them a check for $30, so each one of them paid $10. When the waiter took the cash, he realized he had made a mistake, and the check was for $25 instead. When he gave their change back, each friend got a dollar and they left the remaining two dollars as a tip. Therefore, each customer paid $9; multiplied by 3 this equals $27; plus $2 for the tip equals $29. Where is the remaining dollar?
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Trivia for 6/14/2015

You saw a melanistic Panthera pardus in a Tarzan movie. What is it likely that you called it?

1. Chimpanzee
2. Cheetah
3. African lion
4. Black panther

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