Friday, February 17, 2017

Dream Chronicles: The Book of Water - Collector's Edition

Continue the adventure right where the story left off in Dream Chronicles: The Book of Air. Lyra has made her way home, only to find the town of Wish cursed by an evil spell. Find a way to break the terrible cruse, and help Lyra save her family and hometown! This is a special Collector’s Edition release of Dream Chronicles: The Book of Water, the most suspenseful chapter of the award-winning adventure series. Play as both Lyra and Faye as their journeys collide in their quest to save Wish, only available in the Collector’s Edition!
Play as Faye in the prequel to Lyra’s journey in Dream Chronicles: The Book of Water: find out what happened just moments before Lyra’s story began!
Bonus quest with over 15 locations to explore and extra puzzles to solve
Over 1 hour of additional game play
Official strategy guide and wallpapers
Save your hometown from the evil curse!
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