Monday, April 18, 2016

Cute Knight Kingdom

If you had the whole world to choose from, what would you want to be? A brave and daring hero fighting monsters and exploring dungeons? A beautiful princess in a fantasy castle? A powerful sorceress? A famous artist? A super-villain? Happily married with a big family? In Cute Knight Kingdom, you play a young woman searching for her destiny, and the choices you make will determine her future. Work at different jobs to raise your skills, take classes to broaden your horizons, defeat monsters to gain treasure, travel around the kingdom, uncover the truth about your mysterious past, and discover true love. As long as you keep your dreams alive, you can become anything! Unlock hundreds of spells, craftable items, monsters, romances, secrets, and careers for endless replayability.
•Hand-painted watercolor artwork
•Collect magical spells and secrets
•Make your own items with cooking and crafting
•Multiple marriage options - childhood friends, princes, and more
•Dozens of possible endings to unlock
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