Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Daily Free Game Download - Magic Match Adventures

Forget what you think you know about Magic Match, and get ready to enjoy a completely new twist on the popular puzzler! Magic Match Adventures takes the incredibly addictive and unique Magic Match gameplay and pairs it with a uniqe simulation in which each match you create will not only give you special powers and magic spells, but will help repair the imp villages to and restore peace and tranquility across the realm. A Dark Wizard has been sabotaging the workings in three imp villages. In each village he preys upon the vanities and jealousies of the kings to put them to work for him. With little guidance from their feeble Kings, you’ll need to help villagers thwart off evil curses and return peace to the Imp World.  Collect components to cast spells, redirect the wayward Kings and build a strategy before confronting the Dark Wizard of Jealousy himself.  This fully animated adventure and zany story will come to life before your eyes as you play! 60 levels of game play, 4 wizard duels, 8 spells, 6 additional power-ups, 4 new locations and 18 never-before-seen characters! Match your way through this adventure and watch as characters survive and thrive in their newly restored (thanks to you) Imp World.

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