Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Today's Puzzle "A Fun Zone's TRYCHUS Games"

TRYCHUS - Pronounced "Try-cuss" are very stimulating brain mind puzzle games. Test and develop your mental powers of concentration, perception and visual acuity speed through the graphic patterns of the mighty TRYCHUS puzzles. TRYCHUS is a very powerful yet simple and easy matching cubic type puzzle game with 10 exciting modules. Have much fun comparing the unique and intricate matching patterns located in each graphic block to solve the complete TRYCHUS puzzle.
Choose your TRYCHUS speed level time limit to complete the full recognition task at hand. You can select from three time limit options: Easy-2mins., Intermediate -1min., and Hot Shot - 30 sec.
TIPS: Try to find the TRYCHUS matching patterns between two block squares until the complete puzzle is completed. Some patterns contain multiple internal patterns which are of course more difficult to recognize and locate. Other TRYCHUS patterns can be easily recognized through their grouping pattern or location of a unique identifying graphic.
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